Easygoband is founded in summer 2013 as a PaynoPain Solutions’ testing concept for a music festival. Based in University Jaume I of Castellón –Spain- the company developes software and tools aimed to improve online payments security.

That summer’s success turned into continuous agreements with festivals in Europe and Latin America during the following summers. Today, new business divisions have been established in the tourism sector, focused on the improvement of profitability in clients such as hotels, resorts, theme parks and water parks.

Easygoband is an innovative solution for an easier, more secure and efficient Access control in events and other venues. Besides, it provides a wide range of alternatives for electronic payments –cashless-, user identification and data management with business intelligence. Consolidating its activity internationally, Easygoband is established in several countries across Europe and Latin America, focused on offering our services in order to improve and increase the assistance of our clients business and events.


Easygoband is committed to bringing the best experience to entrepreneurs and consumers around the world through innovative solutions in digital payment methods, promoting a cashless environment and keep evolving in order to constantly renew the company.


To be considered as a viable choice by its clients and partners, offering them solutions and services based on innovation, advanced technology, and quality service that exceed their expectations and differentiate from the competitors through a unique added value.


Our identity is based on the following values:

Continuous research and innovation to reach the desired level of growth.
Quality of the products and services we develope.
Professionality through a continuous training of the work team.
Service and attention throughout the whole process of integration.
Loyalty and honesty to ensure our company’s integrity.
Support and commitment to the social environment.
Flexibility to face changes and adapt to new situations.
Perserverance and tenacity in our attitudes.


We developed a software based on NFC/RFID technology that provides our customers with a custom service that improves the logistical management, increases the revenue and, above all, offers the user an amazing experience.

Our system allows our customers to obtain higher profitability reducing costs and generating information for an easier decision making.

From a control pannel and using a simple wearable, our system gives our customer a total control of the company’s activity, avoiding cash handling, increasing productivity and providing a considerable income growth.